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Datasets obtained from varied sources including opendata.go.ke. visit our research page to find more...

Ufahamu is an award winning data visualization platform and a fast growing start-up that intends to utilise open data repositories. The main aim of this project is for Ufahamu to become the leading platform for data visualization and use of open data repositories on health related issues in Africa.



Ufahamu was born early 2012 in a hackathon organised in Nairobi. It has progressively grown out of necessity to fill the gap that exists in the market to utilise open data repositories on health issues. The main aim of Ufahamu is to become a key player in the data visualisation sector, and we intend the final output to be used as a source by media houses, NGOs, governments, researchers and community health workers.

Ufahamu has also recognised a niche; it will concentrate on the health scene, and hopes to start as a volunteer-run initiative but progressively turn into a non-profit making venture.

Ufahamu has identified two main areas to expand and better respond to its original mission. First of all, by creating a software that will visualize and localize of the health sector data in a user friendly way. Secondly, by visualization and localization of data incidental to the health sector. Lastly, by having a good feedback mechanism.

We believe there is a lot of currently untapped potential in the open data portal, and therefore adequate space for growth for a not-for-profit player such as OpenUfahamu (Ufahamu not-for-profit branch) to facilitate the expansion and use of this portal. We will be using revenues coming from this endeavour to lead data visualizing projects promoting causes incidental to health.


Statement of Capability
Ufahamu has been active since its inception in April this year. We have been liaising with a multiplicity of actors in the health sector and research institutions. We intend to support and offer visual content to the public and come up with innovative ways of disseminating this content on various platforms and applications.

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